The new GTX 1660TI won't feature Ray Tracing

Soon there's a Turing architecture graphics card without Ray Tracing available for purchase.

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While Ray Tracing is the new black, Nvidia seems to have accepted that it's not for everybody. While still using the Turing architecture, the new card will not have any RT cores, and according to
Videocardz it will have the same GDDR6 memory as the RTX2060, same Memory Bus, but only 1536 CUDA cores against the 1920 CUDA Cores of the RTX2060.

The name is to be finally confirmed, and pricing should be lower than the standard price of 369 Euro for a Founders Edition version of the RTX2060 - but don't get your hopes up, while sub-300 Euro 1660TI cards are possible, the GTX1060 is still 289 Euro, and the GTX 1660TI will undoubtedly be more expensive due to more CUDA cores and a brand new type of GDDR memory.

The new GTX 1660TI won't feature Ray Tracing

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