Battlefield 2042

The next Battlefield will not release until spring 2025 at the earliest

This was noted by Chief Financial Officer Stuart Canfield during a recent Earnings Call.

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In a newly published Earnings Call, where EA discussed the past fiscal year and looked ahead, EA's Chief Financial Officer Stuart Canfield commented on fiscal year 2025, that is, the period starting in April 2025 and lasting until March 2026.

Here he said: "Looking beyond FY 2025, over the next couple of years, we expect our net bookings growth to accelerate, bolstered by our portfolio of industry-leading IP. Compounding growth within our core sports franchises, new content and engaging experiences across our massive online communities, and iconic new releases like Battlefield, Sims, and other in-development titles, provide the inflection point that fuels net bookings growth and increases underlying profitability."

According to Canfield, we will have to wait between 14-25 months for a new Battlefield. It has already been rumoured to be a reboot with the most realistic destruction ever, and based on that information we can only assume they need all the time they can get. Not least considering the criticism the latest installation received.

Battlefield 2042

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