Total War: Warhammer

The next chapter of Total War will be set in a unexplored era

"It's not something we've done before."

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In our recent interview with Creative Assembly's Art Director Kevin McDowell we talked about the next chapter in the long-lived strategy series Total War. During our interview, it seemed pretty obvious that the studio was determined to work on a very different era than those faced in previous iterations, but he didn't give us more precise details, instead giving rather vague indications.

For further fuel to our curiosity, in a recent round table, Total War's Creative Director, Mike Simpson, teased that for the next chapter they are considering the option to work on a unexplored historical era. Here's what he said:

"Yes, it's not something we've done before. That's all the developers had to say on the matter."

Since Creative Assembly has already had the opportunity to explore the Roman Empire, Medieval Europe, the Napoleonic Empire and Feudal Japan, we are very curious to find out what they are working on this time. What would you like it to be?

Total War: Warhammer

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