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League of Legends

The North American Challengers League is making some big changes

Ahead of its 2023 Summer split, it's got a new format and some fresh faces.

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The North American Challengers League (NACL) has announced some big restructuring to teams competing and format ahead of its upcoming Summer 2023 split.

Returning on 10th June at 1PM PT on the LCS Challengers and PathToLCS Twitch channels, ten teams will be competing for a chance at a $100k prize pool, and more importantly recognition from LCS team managers.

The ten teams competing in the split are as follows:
Area of Effect Gold (AOE) - Stayed from Spring
Cincinnati Fear (FEAR) - Stayed from Spring
Disguised (DSG) - New
Maryville University (MU) - NACL Spring Promotion
Supernova (SN) - NACL Spring Promotion
Team Fish Taco (TACO) - New
Wildcard (WC) - Stayed from Spring
Evil Geniuses Challengers (EGC) - LCS Academy
FlyQuest Challengers (FLYC) - LCS Academy
Team Liquid Honda Challengers (TLC) - LCS Academy

With this reshuffle of the tournament roster, a new format has also been introduced, as well as revenue sharing and team-supporting Twitch emotes for the first time.

Identical to the current LEC format, it begins with a six-week double round robin of best of ones to determine a top eight. These eight teams then compete in playoffs in a double elimination bracket of best of three and best of five series, and the NACL split culminates in a LAN finals.

The two bottom placing teams (teams that don't make it to playoffs) will compete in the NACL Qualifiers against the top four teams from two play-in tournaments in order to keep their spot next split.

The top four teams will be decided via two 32-team swiss opens, which will each produce double elimination top 16 brackets and single elimination top eight brackets. Qualifiers will receive $12.5k + a placement bonus depending on the position they finish.

Starting on 10th June, the first qualifying tournament runs until the 9th July. The second runs from 15th July to 13th August and the winner of this tournament earns the first seed for promotion play-ins to the NACL.

Selected matches from these tournaments will be broadcast on the LCS Challengers and PathToLCS Twitch channels, and full coverage will be streamed on RallyCryOfficial's Twitch channel.

League of Legends

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