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The Oregon Trail makes a comeback for PC and Switch

The Apple Arcade edition is being ported over and improved.

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It's been more than fifty years since Don Rawitsch, Bill Heinemann and Paul Dillenberger's old text-based strategy game saw the light of day, and now it looks like a whole new audience on PC and Nintendo Switch will get the chance to relive the game's many trials. Albeit in a significantly updated version, of course. Gameloft made a remake of the classic for the Apple Arcade last year, and now it's being ported over to new formats with a launch in a few weeks.

"In The Oregon Trail, players are put at the center of all the trials and tribulations of the journey westward. They must stock their wagon, choose their traveling party, and make sure they all arrive safely to Oregon by making tough choices in dangerous and unexpected situations. Players will also learn the real history behind the trail, including the Native American experience, which is a first in the franchise."

The PC and Switch version will include all previous updates as well as a number of new settings, graphics filters and events.

Are you up for the challenges of this old classic, and have you played the original version?

The Oregon Trail makes a comeback for PC and Switch

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