The other animals in Minecraft's latest mob vote have been revealed

The choice is yours between the penguin, crab, and armadillo.

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Minecraft is once again asking its players to choose which mob they'll want to see added to the game next. In the past, similar votes have allowed players to bring in their favourite critters into a new and blocky world.

Now, the vote is between the crab, armadillo, and penguin. Previously, we saw the reveal for the crab, but we weren't aware what other animals would be pitted against it.

Penguins work similarly to dolphins, giving you a speed boost when you're adventuring. Crabs allow you to place blocks from further away, and armadillos can help you craft armour for your wolf/dog.

You can check out the trailers for each new mob below. Some find this voting strategy controversial, as they argue all three of the mobs should be added in. It does seem strange that concepts will be dropped if a mob doesn't win the vote, but there's a likelihood even the losers could be added in at a later date.

As for this vote, as we reported on previously, it'll open on the 13th of October, with the winner announced during the Minecraft Live presentation on the 15th.


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