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Overwatch 2

The Overwatch League's 10 MVP finalists will be revealed this Thursday

Voting will take place soon afterwards.

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Blizzard Entertainment has shared a bunch of details as to how this year's Overwatch League awards will work. Now that we're a week into the Countdown Cup, the 2022 season is getting rather close to its end, and so it's almost time to recognise the best of the best for the year.

And when it comes to the MVP (most valuable player) award, the 10 players who are regarded as finalists for the award will be announced on September 30, with voting on that award then slated to take place until October 10, where votes will scored with 25% from fans and 75% from OWL talent, media, and teams. Three players will make the shortlist.

Otherwise, we're told that the Grand Finals MVP will have the same voting ratio and that this will be decided during the premier match of the postseason.

The Dennis Hawelka Award will not be voted on by fans, as the League Office will select a winner here.

Role Stars however will be voted on by teams for 50%, broadcast talent for 25% of the tally, and media for the remaining 25%.

The Alarm Rookie of the Year award will have the same ratios as Role Stars, as will the Coach of the Year.

Each award will see the winner recognised with a physical award, but also often a jersey patch, an overlay icon next to their name for the 2023 season, or a custom art piece.

The winners of each award will be announced during the playoffs, which are expected to start on October 30.

Overwatch 2

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