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The Overwatch League's All-Access Twitch Pass revealed

This gives fans a chance to watch the action from multiple perspectives as well as other incentives like Bits, discounts, and more.

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Twitch and Blizzard have teamed up to reveal the Overwatch League All-Access Pass for the 2019 season, which is now available to purchase at a new price of $14.99 USD, including an improved Command Center for multiple viewing angles (like first-person from any player), 200 OWL tokens valued at $9.99, ad-free viewing, OWL merchandise discount, reward incentives, prize-driven challenges, and more.

Season 2 begins on February 14, and here's what Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzer had to say about the pass:

"We had some great feedback from our community in 2018 and I'm particularly excited that All-Access Passholders will be able to watch however they choose with the new and improved Command Center. The Overwatch League All-Access Pass is packed with value and new features that fans worldwide are sure to love."

The All-Access Pass benefits last until December 31 this year, but other features like Twitch emotes, badges, and in-game content won't disappear. With regards to the Command Center too, this allows you to get the main broadcast view, first-person camera, customised three-feed template, and an overhead map. 200 tokens will also mean that passholders can get a home and away skin for a team of their choice.

All-Access chat rooms allow people to talk exclusively will other passholders, with an exclusive Q&A at the end of each match day too, and these owners will also get 500 Twitch Bits upon purchase.

For a video trailer for the All-Access Pass, head on over to Twitch, and you can see the logo below.

Will you be buying this for Season 2?

Photo: Twitch

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