Pokémon Unite

The Pokémon Unite devs want your feedback

A recent survey includes questions like whether you found the game to be engaging or original.

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The official Pokémon Unite Twitter account is currently looking to gather feedback on the Switch version of the game through a fan survey. The survey asks fans questions like whether fans found its concept to be original and how they are finding the core experience so far. It appears that the devs are also looking to learn how long players have stayed with the game and what aspects have frustrated them the most.

The reasoning behind the survey could be to help enhance it before its mobile port lands in September or it could be in response to the criticism that Unite is receiving online. Currently, the game has a 4.6 user score on Metacritic and many of the user reviews here highlight negative aspects such as the game's pay to win microtransactions and grindy nature.

You can take a look at our recent review of Pokemon Unite here.

Pokémon Unite

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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