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The Punchuin

The Punchuin is now released and we have a new trailer

Become the Tyson Fury of Penguins in this stylised puzzle adventure.

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Shin'en Multimedia have been making games for over 20 years, but it was only recently that they had their real breakthrough with the incredibly entertaining adventure The Touryst. Now they're back again, and just days before Christmas they've released The Punchuin for Switch.

It's seemingly a strange puzzle platformer from its description on the Nintendo Store:

"You are on a quest to solve the mystery of the treasure of Punch Mountain. Punch your way down, collect money and diamonds, improve your punching skills and make some new friends along the way."

Check out the launch trailer below. Given that Shin'en Multimedia makes great games and the wintry theme, this could be something to check out over the Christmas holidays.

The Punchuin

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