The Solus Project

The Solus Project just got its second content update

Adds "3-5 hours of additional gameplay filled with new features and discoveries."

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Grip Digital has released the 'part 2' content update for The Solus Project. According to the developer, it adds somewhere between 3 and 5 hours of additional gameplay, along with dozens of mysteries to unravel and new items to get to grips with.

The update features a large new island, named Flashpoint, where you can harness the power of the skies. The island also houses the biggest cave system to be added so far to the game. As you venture further into the underground you'll find dark secrets and won't be able to shake the feeling of being followed, this according to the press release.

The update is now available on PC, while the Xbox One version is only coming on Friday, since it will include platform specific hotfixes for critical bugs. You can watch the 'part 2' update trailer below, as well as gaze upon screens and our own Gamereactor Plays gameplay.

The Solus ProjectThe Solus ProjectThe Solus Project

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