Guitar Hero Live

The Struts and American Hi-Fi comes to Guitar Hero Live

Pop Punk 2002 and Back in the 90's launch.

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If you like to play fast and rythmic rock on Guitar Hero Live, this is a very good week for you. Activision and FreeStyle Games has announced six new songs, and three of them are performed by the Brittish Act the Struts, and the rest are American college rockers. Below is the list of the two new Premium Sets:

Pop Punk 2002
•Sum 41 — "Still Waiting"
•Good Charlotte — "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"
•America Hi-Fi — "Flavor of the Week"

Back in the 90's
•The Struts — "Could Have Been Me"
•The Struts — "Put Your Money on Me"
•The Struts — "Kiss This"

As usual, last weeks acts has been added to the On Demand list. Rock on!

Guitar Hero Live
American Hi-Fi is one of the new acts added to Guitar Hero Live this week.

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