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The superheroes we want to see in the gaming world

Which superheroes would you like to see different game developers tackle?

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From being mostly criticised in the gaming world, superheroes have in recent years come to be loved even beyond the canvas. Batman has been given an incredible amount of love by Rocksteady as well as WB Montreal and Spider-Man by Insomniac Games. Camouflaj bet on Iron Man, Netherrealm on several DC heroes and even Crystal Dynamics tried their hand at Avengers but did not succeed very well. Now I want to see more game studios take on the superheroes we grew up with. Now many of these proposals are pure dreams that of course probably won't come true, but we can dream.

Green Arrow / Hawkeye | Rebellion

Rebellion Developments is best known for the game series Sniper Elite and although I am not overly fond of the games, they have proven to show beauty of games in the form of sniper action. Therefore, I would have been more than happy to see them try their hand at Green Arrow or Hawkeye. Here they had been forced to take the turns a bit and invent new mechanics that we do not recognise from Sniper Elite and they will probably also need to focus a little more on melee combat. I think regardless, the game studio could deliver a pretty entertaining game.

The superheroes we want to see in the gaming world
Give me more of this, thank you!

Wolverine | Santa Monica Studio

I loved the licensed game by Raven Software in 2009, which drew inspiration from, among others, God of War. So why not hand over Wolverine to Santa Monica Studio? God of War (2018) was one of the most remarkable gaming experiences I have had, thanks to its outstanding graphics and phenomenal battles. Something that would have fit like a glove for Wolverine. Please, Santa Monica Studio, let this happen!

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Nightcrawler | Eidos Montréal / Arkane Studios

Thief (2014) was a perfectly okay game but I think that Eidos Montréal despite this could have delivered a pretty nice game with Nightcrawler in the lead role. The focus had been on simply remaining unseen. But I could also have imagined Arkane Studios, best known for Dishonored. They have already become acquainted with teleportation and stealth in games with minimal focus on melee combat. Had Arkane Studios developed the game, they could have built on an exciting upgrade tree for longer and more teleportation moves, more acrobatic tricks, powerful attacks etc.

Deadpool | Volition Inc.

High Moon Studio's game with Deadpool from 2013 was a fun game, but I still wanted to see Deadpool in a larger environment. Of course, the humour must also be there, and therefore I see no better choice than to let Volition Inc. develop a game with the craziest anti-hero there is. Playing like Deadpool and stealing cars and beating down enemies with dildos - I mean, who doesn't want to do that?

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The superheroes we want to see in the gaming world
Hulk smash!!!

Green Lantern | Sucker Punch Productions

Sucker Punch Productions are already well acquainted with the superhero format with their game series Infamous. When it comes to Green Lantern, I also think it takes an experienced game studio, and I think he can be one of the most difficult heroes to make a games about. But playing as Hal Jordan's Green Lantern and flying to different planets with an incredible combat system is something I would very, very much like to see. And Sucker Punch Productions has all my trust here.

Daredevil | Rocksteady

We have all already played the Batman games and know what Rocksteady is capable of. But I wish they could have left DC Comics after their upcoming game about Suicide Squad. At least for a little while. Because I want to see them make a game about Daredevil first. A game that is not very different from Batman: Arkham Asylum. I just sweat at the thought!

Hulk | Treyarch

Treyarch has also previously become acquainted with the superhero genre and they have almost been close to the Hulk when you could play as Venom in Ultimate Spider-Man. So why not leave Call of Duty now (seriously, it's high time now) and bet on the Hulk instead? Give us a big city to run around in, fight armies with tons of firepower, but most of all, give me Abomination as a villain.

Doctor Strange / John Constantine | Bloober Team

Now, Bloober Team certainly does not have much experience when it comes to action games, but Doctor Strange or John Constantine do not necessarily have to be so much about battles. Given their latest title, The Medium, I really think they showed enough for me to accept that they made a game about either of them. Give me different dimensions where you can perform different magic to set things right with exquisite graphics and I'm all in.

The superheroes we want to see in the gaming world
Come on Arkane. Nightcrawler is the perfect protagonist for you!

Captain America | CD Projekt Red

Since Captain America is perhaps the friendliest superhero there is, I would have liked to see a large game studio invest in him in a large game world with lots of side quests. This in combination with a phenomenally well-written story with villains such as Baron Zemo and Red Skull.

Which superheroes did you want to see different game developers invest in?

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