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The Surge

The Surge to support the Xbox One X

Although there aren't plans for a Switch version.

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After achieving success with both players and the press, The Surge is undoubtedly one of the games that took advantage of the great potential offered by the PS4 Pro, and now it looks like it'll also support Microsoft's upcoming console, the Xbox One X.

Deck13 Interactive's head of game design, Adam Hetenyi, has confirmed to DualShockers that the game will fully support Microsoft's new console, although there's no chance of a Nintendo Switch version.

According to Hetenyi, thanks to the new Xbox One X upgrade, The Surge will take advantage of the additional power offered by the platform, and this update should land on the new Microsoft machine in conjunction with the launch of the DLC A Walk In The Park, scheduled for the end of this year.

Hetenyi also confirmed that the studio doesn't have plans for a Nintendo Switch version, since it would require a graphical downgrade, something that worries them a little.

To get a taste for the game yourself, check out our livestream replay down below. Is The Surge one of the games that will most benefit from the Xbox One X's upgrade?

The Surge

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