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The Wolverine V2 Pro is Razer's competitor to PlayStation's DualSense Edge controller

We've checked out Razer's latest iteration of the PS controller.

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While there's a lot of talk about the PlayStation DualSense Edge controller as of late, Razer has a competitor that is currently available to pick up. Known as the Wolverine V2 Pro, this controller is built for Sony's console and features a bunch of the trappings that are common and necessary in a 'Pro' style device.

This includes remappable buttons and interchangeable thumbsticks, trigger stops, rear buttons, and even some of Razer's own specialised tech, including HyperSpeed Wireless support via an included dongle, and the expected array of Razer Chroma supported lighting.

While you can look to order a Wolverine V2 Pro today, to see some brief thoughts and extra facts about the controller, be sure to catch our latest Quick Look below.


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