WRC 10

The WRC 2022 World Final starts tomorrow

The best e-rally drivers from around the world are in Athens, Greece for the tournament.

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Tomorrow is a pretty big day for fans of the WRC esports scene, as it marks the start of the WRC 2022 World Finals. Currently being held in Athens, Greece, at the Olympic Village, the tournament is seeing the best e-rally drivers from all over the world attending, and competing for a share of the €30,000 prize pool.

The tournament features eight competitors, with those individuals being; "Sami-Joe (Lebanon), Izamusing (Great Britain), Nexl (France), Kazunokota (Japan), Botti Jr (Italy), Katana (Poland), Zeniou (Cyprus) and Kriim (France)", with the tournament being held on WRC 10.

As mentioned in a press release, we're told that the tournament will be streamed on WRC's channels, and will start at 14:00 BST / 15:00 CEST tomorrow, September 8, so don't miss it.

WRC 10

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