Bleeding Edge

There are plenty of new details regarding Bleeding Edge

Ninja Theory's new online actioner is heading into beta soon, and the studio has shared more intel ahead of its public trial.

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It was eerily silent when it came to new intel about Bleeding Edge after the E3 announcement last year, but during the last few months, you can tell that the hype machine has started working. Now we know that there will be a physical copy and that beta testing starts on Valentine's day next week. That said, we still a whole bunch of questions about the game, and because of this, Ninja Theory has now released a video where they answer some questions about the game.

Amongst other things, it was revealed that there won't be any microtransactions at launch (and if they are ever added they will only be cosmetic), that is has been in development for almost four years, that a parry mechanic was just added, and it originally was supposed to be a MOBA. That's not all either, so check out the video below for plenty of more Bleeding Edge intel.

Bleeding Edge

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