There's a new 16 GB graphics card from AMD

Yes, its cheaper than Nvidia RTX2080, and AMD were keen to show off its performance with some big games at CES.

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AMD CEO Lisa Su had a keynote this week at CES, and besides talking a lot about 4K and 240Hz gaming, most of the focus was on the new 7nm manufacturing process and the 2nd gen Vega architecture. That said, a new graphics card was the star of the show too, so meet the Radeon VII.

Claims were made on the performance for creators, promising 27% improvement in Blender and 29% improvement in Premiere. Games still remain the focal point of course though, and AMD promises improvement over the RX Vega 64 card: 25% improvement in Fortnite and 35% improvement of frame-rates in Battlefield V.

Pre-built systems will also feature the new Radeon VII, the Alienware Area 51 Threadripper edition being one of the first, and yes, this card will rival RTX2080 in performance, but at a lower price. $699 USD is the price to pay - $100 cheaper than a RTX2080 - although this may end up being less true, as supply and demand has previously impacted the price of graphics cards, especially if crypto mining starts anew.

The card has 16GB HMB2 RAM, and a data bandwidth of no less than one terabyte per second.
The card will also be bundled with a few different games, like the Resident Evil 2 remake. The Division 2 and Devil May Cry 5 are also among the games included, both of which were used to demonstrate the card's ability to create fluid 4K gameplay at the keynote, with The Division 2 being made available for all those that attended the keynote - nice move AMD.

The following specs have been released too:

-60 compute units
-3840 stream processors running at up to 1.8GHz
-16GB of HBM2 memory
-1 TB/s memory bandwidth
-4,096-bit memory interface

This might have gotten a lot of people interested, but as reported by VentureBeat, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang called it "kind of underwhelming" in a press Q&A, even calling the technical performance weak when compared to the GeForce RTX2060.

Is this looking like a good deal to you though?

There's a new 16 GB graphics card from AMD

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