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Diablo III

There's another Diablo III release coming to consoles

The Eternal Collection revealed by the ESRB.

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The North American ratings board, or ESRB as it's more commonly known, has given a mature rating for Diablo III: Eternal Collection, and it's coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

The Eternal Collection has not yet been announced by Blizzard and so confirmed details are thin on the ground, but it seems likely that it will feature all of the content that has been published before and since the release of the Ultimate Evil edition.

The biggest of these additions will probably be the upcoming Rise of the Necromancer DLC (which you can read more about here should you so wish). The Necromancer DLC doesn't have a release date as yet, but with E3 just around the corner, might we find out more details soon?

Diablo III

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