Third episode of Vampyr webseries has arrived

To suture or suck, that is the question.

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French developer Dontnod and publisher Focus Home Interactive are launching action-RPG Vampyr this spring on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is set in London about 100 years ago, and sees a Doctor who's a vampire struggle with the balancing of helping the people of the city struck by the Spanish flu and helping himself to their blood.

We have already gotten the first two episodes of a 4-part webseries, inviting us to the world of Vampyr. Now we have gotten a third episode, named Episode III: Human After All. In it we get to see more gameplay footage, and the episode concentrates on the citizens of London in 1918. "Dontnod wants players to not consider these citizens as nameless blood bags", and this is why each citizen's role in the community is supposed to have a meaning in the game.

You can watch all the 3 episodes right here in Gamereactor. The final fourth episode is set to launch next Thursday. For more information on the game we'd suggest you check out our previous coverage, and you can also expect more from the upcoming Le What's Next de Focus event in Paris in a week's time.

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