This Bloodborne clothing and accessory collection is full of dark charm

It includes boots, gloves, and a pocket watch.

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While Sony doesn't seem too fussed about making any more Bloodborne right now, the culture and interest around the game remains at a high, which is no doubt why Super Groupies has created this collection of clothing items and accessories based on the game.

The collection includes, in particular, a pair of boots, a pair of gloves, and a very fancy looking pocket watch.

Talking about the latter first, the website for the collection (after translation) states it is a "pocket watch paired with the cathedral's giant star clock, which will guide and reveal secrets to the observer." While the specifics of the watch have yet to be revealed, it does seem like a very intricate and detailed timepiece, one made with antique gold and a removable chain.

The boots on the other hand are inspired by the costumes of the hunters in the game, and are said to "provide a stable defensive effect against the inhuman beasts that writhe in Yharnam." They have removable belt parts, a side zip design, and an insole studded with Karel letters.

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The gloves are made to go hand-in-hand with the boots, with embossed Karel letters and are said to be "proof that one is drunk with blood."

The collection will be launching this autumn, in mid-September for the boots and gloves and October for the watch, and due to this being a Japanese manufacturer, the prices are in yen (25,300 for the boots, 13,200 for the gloves, and 26,400 for the watch), but they are offering global shipping so you should be able to grab something regardless of where you live.

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