Sea of Thieves

This is what you can expect from Sea of Thieves starting tomorrow

Season 12 debuts and the PlayStation version sets sail.

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Tomorrow is a big day for all fans of Sea of Thieves, as Season 12 of the game will be released at the same time as it is also launched for PlayStation 5. With this, we can of course look forward to a lot of new features.

This includes things like throwing knives, the ability to walk on harpoon lines (which can be used to board ships, maybe run aboard with a Chest of Sorrow and put it in the bottom of the ship?) and also a grenade that allows you to make skeletons appear on opponents' ships.

There's a lot more in the pipeline for the more than 40 million buccaneer wannabees playing Rare's pirate simulator, check out the video below for a solid rundown of what we can expect in Sea of Thieves starting April 30.

Sea of Thieves

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