Three new SNES titles are coming next week to Nintendo's Switch Online service

Interestingly, there are no NES games present this time around.

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Nintendo's line-up of classic games on the Nintendo Switch is expanding once more with another head-scratching selection of titles. Those desperately hoping for Super Mario RPG or EarthBound should look away now, as the sense of disappointment might prove to be too much.

On July 28, Claymates, Jelly Boy, and Bombuzal will be added to the service's SNES app. Claymates is a platformer that initially launched back in 1994, and as its name suggests, it sports an interesting clay animation style. Jelly Boy is yet another platformer that was released in 1995 and it sees players control a pink blob-like character that is able to transform its shape. Lastly, Bombuzal is a puzzle game that tasks players with detonating all the bombs around them whilst surviving the explosion.

Interestingly, there are no NES titles present this month. Ever since the service's launch, we have received at least one NES game within each batch of new games, but the offerings have gotten a lot more sparse lately. Does this mean that we no longer have any 8-bit titles to look forward to?

Three new SNES titles are coming next week to Nintendo's Switch Online service

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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