Thrustmaster to present the Collegiate Rocket League Wildcard and National Championship
Rocket League

Thrustmaster to present the Collegiate Rocket League Wildcard and National Championship

The controller hardware manufacturer will be setting up the CRL players with an eSwap controller as part of the deal.

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Rocket League has announced that Thrustmaster will be joining its ranks as a partner for the Collegiate Rocket League Wildcard and National Championship. The partnership will see Thrustmaster named as the presenter for the event, where the hardware maker is also expected to deliver a series of eSwap and eSwap X controllers to the players in the tournament. The post detailing the announcement reads:

"As an industry-leading collegiate esport, Collegiate Rocket League (CRL) needs a partner that shares that same level of pedigree. We're proud to announce that Thrustmaster, the world's leading maker of simulation racing and flight simulation hardware, has signed on to present the CRL Wildcard and CRL National Championship."

As for how the controllers will be distributed, Rocket League has stated all players who make it to the National Championship will receive a eSwap controller, and that the teams who earn first and second place will also win an eSwap VIP case with exclusive modules, colour packs and a unique carrying case.

Whilst the Wildcard series concluded yesterday (you can check out the winners and losers in this tweet from Rocket League), the National Championship is still to be played. To join in on the action for that, be sure to head to the official Twitch channel right here.

Rocket League

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