Nioh 2

Today on GR Live we're playing Nioh 2

We're taking Team Ninja's samurai-sharp Soulslike out for a spin on today's GR Live.

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Team Ninja's PS4-exclusive, Nioh 2, will be available to buy the world over just as our stream starts today on GR Live at 3pm GMT / 4pm CET, which means a lifting of restrictions and free rein for Kieran to show off the game as best he can.

We say "as best he can" because like its predecessor, Nioh 2 is notoriously challenging, and Kieran is going to have to summon all of his skills if he's going to best his opponents in this supernatural samurai adventure. Will his skills prove sharp enough? Tune in later today and find out (and check out our hot-off-the-press review in the meantime if you haven't already).

Nioh 2

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