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Todd Howard: Starfield's planets will feature activities for all levels

The Bethesda veteran has shared some further information about the upcoming major release.

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There are many of us waiting for Bethesda's next big adventure - you might have heard of Starfield - to launch, and although the release date has been pushed back to the second quarter next year, we're starting to be fed more and more information about what to expect once it does get released. Todd Howard, a true Bethesda veteran and legend, recently appeared on Lex Fridman's podcast, and once behind the microphone, we learned a few details we didn't know beforehand.

Among other things, all of the game's planets will feature missions and activities for all different levels, and whether you're a "surviving" space veteran or a weak galaxy novice, you'll find content to suit your level throughout the Starfield game world. Howard also told us that our spaceships won't be able to suffer from running out of gas while exploring the stars, which he said would spoil the fun of daring to explore new places.

Once on ground level, we as players will also be affected differently by various environments depending on the type of equipment we have. If a planet is filled with poisonous gas or has extreme temperature differences, you may need specific suits to deal with the hostile environment, for example.

You can listen to the podcast below.


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