The Division 2

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 has experienced a major system failure

But Massive is hard at work on a fix.

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Last week, Massive Entertainment reported that the rollout of The Division 2's latest season would be delayed due to a localization issue. In attempting to resolve that issue via an update, the build generation system for the game has crashed, putting the team in a worse situation than before.

In simple terms, this means that the team cannot fix current issues or create updates for the server or game client until they have entirely rebuilt the system. Importantly for fans, this means that the team cannot extend the current season.

It is unknown when the issue will be fully resolved, but Massive has assured fans they are working hard, and have restored critical functions of the system over the course of the last 96 hours. Additionally, they have announced that there will be in-game compensation, the plans for which will be revealed soon.

Massive plans to release another update regarding the situation tomorrow (February 11).

The Division 2

Fan reactions are mixed. One Twitter user stated: "I'm sorry, but this is pretty funny.

"In the process of trying to fix the problem with updating the game, we broke the system we use for updating the game. So now we have to fix the system that updates the game so we can fix the update for the game."

Another stated: "You guys are complaining, but all they are trying to do is explain why they can't implement a community suggestion of re-running Global Events while we wait for next season. It's not ideal, but at least they are telling us what to expect."

A third added: "This has been Massive's issue all along with this game. It's held together with duct tape and bubble gum. Kill it and move on to Div 3. Hopefully rebuilt from the ground up."

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