Andor (Disney+)

Tony Gilroy says he doesn't know whether he's worked on anything as important as Andor

"I've never had a chance to work this big before."

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Tony Gilroy, the creator behind Star Wars hit Andor, has recently celebrated his work on the sci-fi series. Well, he's not been so boastful on his work, rather the importance of the series as a whole has been highlighted by Gilroy at a recent red carpet.

Speaking after receiving the Writers Guild of America East's Ian McLellan Hunter Award for Career Achievement, Gilroy said the following about Andor and how important of a project it is to him.

"I've been on Andor for five years now," he began. "We're finishing the second half. I've had a lot of fun over the years, but I don't know whether I've ever done anything as important as these 24 hours of storytelling that we're doing now."

"I've never had a chance to work this big before," Gilroy continued. "So it's a pretty big deal to me."

Andor has largely been praised as one of the best pieces of Star Wars media to come out of the Disney era. Fans are eagerly waiting a second season, which could hopefully arrive later this year.

Andor (Disney+)

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