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Sand Land Project

Toriyama's Sandland moves in full swing in Unreal Engine 5

Animation and gameplay presentation of this ambitious project by Bandai Namco and licensed by the veteran cartoonist.

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Sandland is taking shape. A very recognisable shape, as is the Akira Toriyama line that has inspired this action role-playing video game produced by Bandai Namco and developed by ILCA (a regular on One Piece games and Pokémon remakes). Keighley's show has once again hosted this little red devil Beelzebub, who goes around a desert world reproduced from the manga of the same name, alongside the human sheriff Rao.

This time we have been able to see a lot more, especially gameplay, of this universe in which demons and people coexist in some kind of harmony. Not entirely, as combat will be constant in this environment recreated entirely in cell shading enhanced by the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5.

The Sandland game is in development for PlayStation, Xbox Series and PC consoles. Not to be forgotten, the anime adaptation is also in production - will it look anything like the cinematic video shown by Bandai Namco today?


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