Halo Infinite

Torrent has decided to exit the Halo Championship Series

Limited opportunities and lack of becoming a partner are the reasons behind the decision.

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Over the last few weeks, we've been seeing various announcements from different esports organisations who have decided to exit the Halo Championship Series and competitive Halo due to the way that the partnership programme from the HCS seems to be working. Due to many organisations failing to qualify for the programme, it has forced many to evaluate their position in the scene, and usually decide to exit it altogether. Today is another case of this.

Because Torrent has announced that it will be exiting the HCS due to "limited opportunities and us not qualifying for the HCS partner program". The team has said that it is leaving Halo "the same as when we entered - nothing but respect, passion, and pride in supporting a scene and community that we love," but that this is one of the "hard choices" that has to be made "when considering what spaces to engage with."

As part of this decision, Torrent's roster has been released, but the team has said that it will continue to financially support its players for the remainder of their contracts any anything they pursue during that time.

Halo Infinite

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