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Tour de France 2023

Tour de France 2023 and Pro Cycling Manager 2023 get launch trailers

Check out a double dose of bicycling.

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We have to be honest, neither the the Tour de France or the Pro Cycling Manager games have been very good in the past, but they clearly have a loyal audience as they keep getting their annual releases - and 2023 is no different.

Now Cyanide and Nacon have launched both Tour de France 2023 and Pro Cycling Manager 2023. The former lets you ride a bike yourself and pedal around seemingly primitive surroundings while occasionally wearing a yellow jersey (and drink water between laps, don't miss the fluid breaks!), while the latter title lets us do something as insanely exciting (?) as coaching cyclists.

New trailers of these mildly exciting titles can be found below.

Tour de France 2023

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