Tournaments mode coming to Rocket League in spring
Rocket League

Tournaments mode coming to Rocket League in spring

A new roadmap reveals a beta is coming this month.

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Psyonix' Rocket League is in a really good place now, not just as a game but as an esport too, as tournaments like the recent DreamHack Open Leipzig demonstrate, and now the developer has revealed a roadmap for the coming months, a lot of which is of interest to the competitive community for the game.

One of the main things Psyonix wants to highlight is that players now won't have to wait too long between Competitive Seasons due to a new alternating schedule of Content Updates with Feature Updates, meaning they can provide a more frequent and regular update cycle. This also lets the studio spend more time on polishing and fixing bugs before each season.

In the February Content Update, for example, Competitive Season 7 will begin and we'll also be getting Season 6 rewards and new fan rewards for supporters of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS), Psyonix's ongoing professional competition for the game. What's more is that we'll also see a beta for the Tournaments feature, coming to Steam.

This Tournaments mode will come in March as part of the Spring Feature Update, alongside the Spring Event and new licensed premium DLC. This lets you play against other players in bracketed, single-elimination tournaments (which means if you lose once you're out), and so this is a great way for lower level players or aspiring pros to get into the competitive scene.

In regards to April and the months further on in the year, we don't have much to go on, but once Tournaments is released then the developer will start talking about the summer roadmap. The February content is first up though, so pending approval this should land with us on February 7.

Do you think the Tournaments mode is a cool feature?

Rocket League
Photo: Psyonix

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