Trion Worlds CEO: Consoles "sensitive" to needs of PC devs

Scott Hartsman talks us through how consoles have changed for the better.

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Developer Trion Worlds has a number of titles under its belt right now, whether that be Rift a few years back or Trove right now, and when we recently got to talk to the studio's CEO Scott Hartsman about what's changed for them in recent years with their growth, he said that a lot of it comes down to consoles.

"Yeah I mean we launched Rift in 2011, that was six years ago now, right, and I think we all know how much the world of games has changed in the last six years," he said. "Steam has grown even larger, individual publishers' PC platforms continue to grow really healthy, and what's really happened over the last couple of years is the consoles have really embraced online games. Both Sony and Microsoft have done a better job with their current generation of consoles than anything they've ever done in the past, not just in terms of hardware power but in terms of the way they work with developers of online games. Back in the day we used to kind of rue the idea of shipping on consoles because 'oh you can't update it for months at a time' and all of these problems that you get, but these days you know they're not as fast as PC, but they're definitely very sensitive to the concerns of PC developers, and so you're seeing a lot more people like us now doing more cross-platform types of development."

"So the biggest thing that's changed for us over the last few years, in addition to obviously expanding from one game to six games, has been making sure that we are able to get our games in front of as many people as humanly possible, right. And a lot of that has been more platforms, more territories, more languages, and you know just more global outreach."

Do you like how the industry has changed in recent years, especially in regards to consoles?


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