Trion Worlds' goal to "make customers happy in long term"

CEO Scott Hartsman talked about the commitment to their games.

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Rift is an MMO released back in 2011, but is still being supported alongside other games from developer Trion Worlds, and we asked about ongoing support during our chat with the studio's CEO Scott Hartsman recently, who told us it's all about being in control.

"Being able to be self-sufficient is obviously one of our biggest goals in the world, right," he explained. "For any company that is trying to build themselves up as a developer and publisher, so much of it is about trying to control your own destiny, and you want to do that, because at the end of the day our big goal is to make customers as happy as possible in the long term. So yeah, we're always the ones to be saying 'look, Rift is going to continue getting new and incredible updates. Trove is going to keep getting incredible updates and showing up on new platforms'."

"Even Defiance, which we just recently moved fully to our Austin studio, which I'm very happy about, is getting some continued updates, and we have some even bigger news that we'll save for a little closer to next year. But there's just great stuff going on in all of them, and so much of it does come down to, like I said, controlling your own destiny, because then when you can do that - we build up all of these services, we build up all of this tech, and we service our own games on it - it seemed like the natural, next logical step for us was to take those same services that we use day in and day out and begin to share them with outside developers, and that's how we worked with XL Games on ArcheAge, that's how we worked with Bluehole on Devilian. The idea of look, these are the same services that we use day in and day out, they're battle-tested, they're live-ready, they work at scale, if there are developers out there that want to take advantage of those services, we'd love to partner with them."

What's your favourite game from Trion Worlds?


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