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Trust GXT 830-RW Avonn Wired Gaming Keyboard

A low-cost keyboard for a first-time gamer? We've been putting Trust's budget board to the test.

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It seems younger gamers are spoilt for choice these days when it comes to entry-level peripherals, but at just £13.99, the Trust GXT 830-RW stands as one of the most affordable gaming keyboards on the market. The keyboard might be low on cost, but it doesn't slouch when it comes to features, as it includes anti-ghosting support, an adjustable rainbow LED display and a handy 'Game Mode' control switch.

The GXT 830-RW comes in both black and camo colour variants and sports an alien-looking design with its four geometric edges protruding from its selection of keys. Its membrane keys are illuminated by a mesmerising rainbow of LED lights, which looked especially great on the black model that we were given for review. The underside of the keyboard is also lit with colourful lights, making for an eye-catching look on both sides.

Perhaps to be expected considering its price tag, the GXT 830-RW doesn't feature a customisable LED display, but it does include a few basic options for users to tinker around with. If the rainbow gleaming at your fingertips proves to be too intense then you can toggle between the product's three settings of brightness to adjust to your liking. There's also a 'Breathe Mode' that can be activated and this enables the plethora of colours to slowly fade away and then illuminate. We personally found this mode too much of a distraction from our screen with its constant blinking, but at least there is some flexibility in changing the display, even if it's far from offering the same experience of smart RGB controlled by an external app.

At just 460mm wide and 32mm tall, we found the keyboard to be rather small in size, which makes it a great choice for those lacking surface space. It also features a 140cm USB cable which we found to give us ample length even when our PC was on the floor beside our desk. The USB cable, however, cannot be replaced and is comprised of a thin plastic coating that feels like it could be easily frayed or damaged.

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Trust GXT 830-RW Avonn Wired Gaming Keyboard

The keyboard is full-sized and includes 12 multimedia keys that assist with tasks such as music playback, web browsing, and general navigation. It also features a 'Game Mode' switch which can be used to temporarily lock the Windows key whilst you're busy playing. This is a handy addition as it can be easy to catch that key by accident if you are frequently using Ctrl for actions such as crouching. Also included is anti-ghosting support, which enables you to input up to six key commands at the same time using the device.

To make for an unbeatable price, sacrifices, of course, had to be made somewhere and we found the overall build quality of the GTX 830-RW to be pretty lacklustre. On its belly there are only two small rubber pads which enabled it to be knocked around with little resistance and the clips holding the keyboard upright kept breaking off easily, causing us to eventually lose one. We found its outer plastic shell to have a budget feel to it too and it didn't make for the most comfortable place for us to rest our wrists when playing mid-game.

We found the GXT 830-RW to represent good value as one of the most affordable gaming keyboards around, although it was clear where some compromises had to be made. It has a striking look due to its rainbow of backlit colours and we found it to deliver a competent performance whether we were gaming or using it for work. We found, however, that aspects such as its USB cable and outer plastic casing were clear indicators of its budget price tag. Still, we can't see anyone feeling too disappointed if they decide to take the plunge considering what they'll get for the money.

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