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Gotham Knights

Try out Gotham Knights on PlayStation Plus Premium

A two-hour trial has just been added to the subscription service.

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Gotham Knights is the latest game to get a trial as part of the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription service.

The co-op Batman game without Batman left a lot to be desired for many critics, but if you want to give the game a go without going all-in, now you can as long as you've got PS Plus Premium and two or so hours to spend playing.

Gotham Knights is the latest game trial to be added to the subscription service. Other titles you can get a taste of include Horizon Forbidden West, and The Last of Us: Part 1, which was only added recently as well.

There have been some significant updates to Gotham Knights since launch, such as the addition of a four-player co-op mode, but it doesn't seem as though WB Games Montreal will be working for much longer on the title, as they may have already moved on to another project.

Gotham Knights

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