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Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes makes Hideo Kojima want to do an adventure game

Kojima: "TWELVE MINUTES. It's Great!"

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We assume a whole lot of you are currently playing Twelve Minutes, which was released yesterday to much acclaim. One person who is enjoying Luis Antonio's adventure is the industry veteran and overall legend Hideo Kojima, and he really seems to like it.

He shared some positive impressions on Twitter writing:

"TWELVE MINUTES. It's Great! I lost track of time and just played it for about four hours! I haven't been into a game this much since INSIDE."

Kojima kept tweeting about the game, praising all aspects of it until he finally concluded:

"Kinda make me want to create another adventure game."

We most certainly wouldn't mind a new adventure game from Hideo Kojima, and assume he would put a unique spin on it like he always does. How do you feel about this?

Twelve Minutes

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