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Twin Mirror

Twin Mirror is Dontnod's next game and it's coming in 2019

Fresh from the release of Vampyr comes the studio's latest.

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Sony promised to reveal a new game every day in the run-up to E3, and so far the platform holder has been true to its word. Yesterday's announcement was a good one too, with Dontnod confirming its next game, Twin Mirror, with a new trailer and a side portion of background story.

You can see the trailer below and watch footage that that looks like it's going to blend psychological elements potentially with a dash of the supernatural, all wrapped up in a story built around choice and decision-making set in rural America. Sounds very Dontnod if you ask us.

Twin Mirror is about a thirty-something called Sam who heads back to his hometown for a funeral after the break-up of a relationship. While there he wakes up in his hotel with blood on his shirt and no memory of how it got there. Cue a mysterious adventure where he has to work out what the hell is happening to him.

Bandai Namco is handling publishing duties for this one, and the game is set to head to PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2019. Check out the trailer below.

Twin MirrorTwin MirrorTwin Mirror
Twin Mirror
Twin MirrorTwin Mirror

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