Twitter reacts to BBC Sport's esports coverage

Some people are unhappy about it's coverage of a FIFA tournament.

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There's currently 48 people taking part in the FIFA Interactive World Cup, and a number of them are from Britain.

One of those competitors, Oliver Chesses, recently gave an interview in which he doubted his future as a professional FIFA player, and the BBC decided to run it through its Sports sub-site.

"I've played the game competitively for four years now, and I'm getting to the point where I just can't deal with it any more" Chesses told the BBC. "The pot bonus is 20 grand. If you consider that doesn't pay off a third of my student loan, I'm just thinking to myself, what's the point?"

BBC Sport then socialised the interview, however, its readers were less than happy with the coverage, with many of them responding negatively to the story. It's evident that some of the followers of BBC Sport's Twitter account want to hear about the real-life game and not the video game equivalent, with users reponding with statements like: "this is BBC sport not BBC esport" and "why is this even on BBC Sport?"

Of course there's plenty of people out there that enjoy esports and competitive FIFA 16 in particular. Those interested in watching the matches, they will be livestreamed on FIFA's YouTube Channel where Sean Allen will be the English representative in the finals.


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