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The Sims 4

For me this was a resounding "Bang!" For the start of the game this fall. This word fits like a brief description Sims 4, this game is really a "Pang" both good to hurt. I usually tend not to be so horrible for interior decoration and house when it comes to both games and real life, but where I looked to surprise myself pretty good.

In Sims 4 was the actual construction mode, which was the actual voltage peak. There you can make a house quite identical to one that could have been printed in reality makes me more eager to try me forward, ogvære even more creative than I usually am considering previous games. In Sims 4 need not only and build huge boxes that look like a factory on the outside, no actually you can build them in the slightly more fun shapes, but I must admit that it was quite similar to a square house anyway. But it's probably my imagination's sake.


To go a little more deeply into what really build mode in the Sims 4, I can mention that a build mode Sims4 means: more real interiors, a better sense of a cozy room and a more realistic sense of actually a house. (Because it is after all a "life - simulator!) You can now choose between a fully furnished room, which you can insert and change just like you want it, or you can choose to start from scratch depending on how closely you are. What I like best with the new building possibilities are that all of the interior belong together as a theme. It means that you can choose to design your house with different types of furniture, but the same color or style. they are located in a manner that a sort of theme, and is helping to create a much larger stock of choice, in addition to that it gives it a really good pick and mix feeling.

Sims 4 has in many ways gone from tulle music for real music. Before then, one could almost tormented by all pling, blips and bop sounds that came along in the songs, but now Maxis finally taken into a more serious direction. The songs are now more cozy and atmospheric melodies that mostly goes Instrumentally, but some also goes with vocals, of course in Simlish (Simlish) Since language Simene is quite silly this sounds pretty silly, but one should not kill the charm completely

either. The songs that are instrumental played most of background music on the main menus, while vocal songs you can find certain you buy a radio and put it in a room. And voila there you have something to listen to while exercising. There are a large variety of them and you can even choose between five different genres. An even bigger plus is that it is well known songs from the reality that has been covering songs on Simlish and then placed on the game.

Moreover, we can pick some of the rather grainy graphic. One would have thought that the it was a little more fixed up. (Given that we've actually come the eighth generation) I should not complain hideous much of the game is more important than the graphics it is certainly clear, but it looks almost worse one in deuce, in addition to the almost are better deuce. And this happens when I'm pushing up to dethøyeste, but I think this is kind of done a bit on purpose. For everything else has been made much clearer and well done, now you can actually see the details securely on your figure and that is positive.

Lately I feel like I have to take up the Sim creator. Sim creator has had great focus on improvement since the first game came out in 2002, and now it finally seems that it has brought results. You can now change true to say everything, physics can easily be adapted way you want it in addition to a wealth of creative costumes and clothing. (See picture below) it is the first time that this will be available in a life - Simulator. You can get to with your sims to resemble completely real people for example: yourself

Basis for grade:

Plus: The game includes new ways to build in addition to more realistic and pleasant music. The game itself is perceived as a pick and mix version and has a large choice of interior divided into different themes. The game has also been given a more accessible gallery with bigger and better features.

Minus: Little focus on graphics of the eighth generation and grainy short films. Same style as Sims3.

Graphics: 8/10

Sound: 9/10

Controls: 10/10

Camera: 7/10


The game is suitable for 12+ personally I think it should have been suitable for 16+

Average score: 8/10