Battlefield 2042

V5.2 of Battlefield 2042 is now here and the game is "finished"

"With this release we have fulfilled our commitment that we made to you".

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Dice released Battlefield 2042 far, far too early and should have worked on the game for at least another six months before letting it hit the shelves, we don't think a single gamer would disagree, not today. But after almost two years of constant updates, it finally seems to be fully functional and finished, says the developers who now most recently shrink the map, Hourglass. Following this, Dice announces that they have now fulfilled their commitments and kept their promise, which you can read more about below.

Quoted from the Dice blog post:

"With this release we have fulfilled our commitment that we made to you during last year's lead up to the launch of Season 1: Zero Hour - we have now reworked all of our launch maps. We'd like to thank you for your continued feedback, but also your patience as we've worked to roll out these improvements to you. Let us know how the Hourglass feels!

We are also completing the work to roll out the last set of All-Out Warfare attachments to SMGs, LMGs, and Sidearm Vault Weapons. You will also find further tweaks to these weapons to ensure their gameplay and versatility matches their All-Out Warfare counterparts. Share your thoughts on the feel of these changes, as we'll be making adjustments if necessary.

Alongside Season 5: New Dawn we also made our first iteration of Squad Management improvements available to you. However, you told us that this feature did not feel complete without "kick and lock" functionality, as it didn't offer leaders full control over their squad. No matter our previous reasoning for not initially including these options, you've told us this functionality is crucial to your squad management experience so we're adding both these features."

Battlefield 2042

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