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Valhalla Hills

Valhalla Hills gets a major update and a trailer

Sandbox mode added and Halloween plans.

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Daedalic Entertainment is probably most known for their adventure games, but now they are publishing an interesting strategy title from a developer called Funatics. Valhalla Hills takes players to ye olde times, and their mission is to lead their Vikings into Valhalla.

The game is already availabe as an Early Access title on Steam, and now it has gotten a huge update. There is now a new game mode called "Open Game", in which everything is unlocked straight from the start. You can read the full patch notes from Steam.

In the press release it was also revealed, that there will be some sort of Halloween celebrations in the game. From October 16 until November 15, the Viking town will turn into a "spooktacular scenery". And don't forget to check out the new trailer from below.

Valhalla Hills

If you're curious about Valhalla Hills, turn your attention to our recent preview.

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