Valheim developers reveal more about upcoming Ashlands expansion

The game's seventh biome is full of lava, fire, and could be our biggest challenge yet.

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Lava, fire and sudden death, that's what seems to await all adventuring Vikings in the upcoming Ashlands expansion that the developers at Iron Gate Studio are currently working on. And in a new blog post the team tells us a bit more about what will be the game's seventh biome, and arguably the most challenging yet.

Recently released mini-update Hildir's Request gave us plenty of tuning options, as well as a handful of new pinals and bosses to tackle. But with Ashlands, Iron Gate is aiming high, promising a burning hell that will only be accessible by water for the most fearless and daring of Vikings.

In the blog, the team talks about how they are trying to find a balance between the protruding cliffs of Mistlands and the flatter aspects of Plains, for example. A balance they now seem to have found and they describe it all as follows.

"The terrain generation has also been focused on the various levels of elevation in the biome itself. We want it to feel exactly right - not like the large flats of the Plains nor the craggy hills and valleys of the Mistlands - and that requires a lot of iterations. We do believe we're getting close to the kind of terrain we want now"

But it won't all be fire, lava and sulphur, the biome will also offer sooty, fire-licked forests.

"It's not all going to be fire and lava, though - the area is called the Ashlands for a reason! We have been working on getting different areas of the biome to feel distinct as well, with more trees and deep layers of ash closer to the coastline and more lava the further inland you go."

Finally, the blog also featured two imaginative pictures, a taste of what's to come, and boy does it look pretty darn threatening!

What do you think, does Ashland look exciting and promising?


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