Valheim gets "Balanced Mode" with 40 FPS and 1440p on Xbox Series X

The new graphics option was included alongside a patch.

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Valheim has been a huge hit on PC and helped over ten million gamers fulfill their dreams of becoming a pillaging and plundering viking. Earlier this month, it was also released for Xbox Series S/X, and now this version has been upgraded thanks to a new patch.

In the patch notes, we can read that Iron Gate have added something they call "Balanced Mode", which is a new graphic setting "with 40 FPS and 1440p on Series X and 900p on Series S". This requires a screen which supports 40 FPS, but you won't be able to select the option if you don't, so there's no risk of getting it wrong.

The patch also includes other things, but these are mainly various bug fixes and general enhancements. The patch also includes a fix for the Xbox world reset bug.


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