Valheim has now sold over 12 million copies

The Viking hit continues to thrive.

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Embracer is struggling but the Swedish Viking hit under its Coffee Stain Publishing division is still selling like hotcakes. This was announced during their annual meeting where they happily announced that Valheim has sold over 12 million copies since its launch a little more than two years ago.

The game that was launched in Early Access on Steam in February 2021 managed to sell three million copies in less than a week and in April 2022, the developer Iron Gate Studios announced that they had sold ten million copies of the game at that time.

Valheim, which is now also available on Xbox since March, has had a major impact on Coffee Stain, which now says it is considering the possibilities of transforming the game into a larger franchise over the next ten years. It will be at least another year before Valheim leaves Early Access, but we can only wish them luck in their grand plans. The sky is the limit.

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