Valheim's world is growing by leaps and bounds with latest update

The popular viking game continues to expand.

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The Swedish Viking sensation Valheim continues to grow by leaps and bounds with new content, and now the latest in a series of major updates has finally been released, both on PC and console. Hildir's Request, as it is called, not only introduces a new NPC in the form of the merchant Haldor's sister, but also a number of new quests and challenges for players to tackle. Of course, we're not revealing anything here in advance, but for those who want to dive into all the details, a log containing all the changes can be found here.

In addition to content, the update also offers some long-awaited opportunities to adjust the game's difficulty level, and for those who want less of a challenge or a more hardcore experience, Valheim can now offer both. The ability to customise the game experience goes even further than that, with individual settings for portals, resources, raids and much more. Work on the next big biome, Ashlands, also seems to be progressing and Iron Gate promises more updates during the autumn. With a bit of luck (maybe) we will get a release this winter.


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