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Valve is ditching battle passes on Dota 2

There are better uses of developer's time, according to the company.

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Look at any live-service game today and you'll spot a battle pass or something of its kind in some form. However, Dota 2 will soon do away with its yearly battle pass, as Valve looks to spend its time on more productive efforts.

In a new blog post, Valve explains that the battle pass had grown to the point that it encompassed "just about any content we produce for Dota over the year," leaving one part of the year feeling exciting but the rest being "barren by comparison."

Valve also raised the point that "most Dota players never buy a Battle Pass and never get any rewards from it," but everyone gets to experience the benefits of new updates, heroes, and more when they're brought into the game in the form of a new patch.

The battle pass for Dota 2, or the Compendium, as it was known before the days of Fortnite, would come around once a year, during The International, and give players access to new cosmetics. It also allowed for players to add money into the prize pool for The International, meaning millions of dollars would be on the line for the pro players. However, with this year skipping out, it's likely that the prize pool won't hit such incredible heights.

What do you think of Dota 2 ditching its battle pass?

Dota 2

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