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Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors hits 1 million downloads on mobile

It has only been a week since its release on Android and iOS.

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While it was quite popular in Early Access, it was first when the full release of Vampire Survivors hit Steam and Xbox Game Pass back in October that the casual rogue-lite game really took off.

Since then the cheap, but insanely addictive game has received high praise from both gamers and critics, and on many websites it has even been included in various Game of the Year lists.

Now, reports that the game has reached another impressive milestone as the newly released mobile port has been downloaded more than one million times since it was made available on December 8.

The downloads are pretty much split between App Store (562,000 installs) and Google Play (585,000), while the mobile version has been especially popular in territories such as the US, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Spain.

While Vampire Survivors costs £3.99/€4.99 on PC and console, it's completely free on mobile.

Vampire Survivors

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