Vampyr "doesn't judge you" regardless of the death count

Show mercy or drink all the blood, it's up to you in Dontnod's next game.

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During a recent event in Paris, we caught up with Gregory Szucs and Stéphane Beauverger from Dontnod Entertainment and put a few questions to them with regards to the studio's next game, Vampyr.

As it's a Dontnod game there's an emphasis on player choice, in particular with regards to whether you spare the lives of the local inhabitants, or whether you drink their blood and grow more and more powerful as a result.

"The game doesn't judge you," art director Gregory Szucs explained to us during our interview. "You are presented with opportunities. You are that doctor in a dire predicament in London. You have a lot of questions and you can interact with all the citizens the way you want to. If it fits your project - I don't how to say it - to kill everyone, or to save some, to nurse some back to health and then to drink their blood to grow stronger as a vampire, you can and the game doesn't judge you for it."


In Vampyr you'll be going up against a mix of both supernatural enemies and human vampire hunters, and the decisions you make with regards to how you treat the people living around you will determine what sort of adversaries you come up against. Speaking about the deadly vampire hunters, Beauverger mentioned that "if you do not fight this kind of enemies, you will have to face supernatural creatures who for different reasons can also be very deadly to you."

"This is how the game will incite you to take a life, because you are a new vampire. You have been created as a vampire at the beginning of the game; you are not some very old vampire who has a lot of power, no, you will have to gain that power through the blood of the people you choose to kill. So this is how we reflect in the game the idea that a vampire is compelled to drink blood."

"So the game will not tell you that you have to take a life every night, that's not how it works. If you try to restrain yourself from killing innocents (or not so innocents) you have the right to do so, but it's so much easier to face dangerous situations when you have killed a few people before. That's how the game lures you into darkness."

Vampyr is heading to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 5.


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