Vehicle combat MMO Crossout enters closed beta

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The post-apocalyptic vehicle combat MMO, Crossout, has entered into closed beta. The game is by developer Targem Games and War Thunder publisher Gaijin Entertainment.

Crossout is a vehicle combat based MMO where players design their own vehicles. According to the developers, Crossout allows players to create anything from small and fast combat buggies to lumbering combat platforms. The customisation doesn't stop at the vehicles. The weapons you can equip to whatever machine of war you choose to create can range from a chainsaw to a rocket launcher or a tank cannon.

The latest update added a new map, Founders Canyon, as well as a new high level feature called Leviathans, player-created bosses for PvE players. High level players will gain access to a special area in their garage that allows them to design and construct these dangerous new vehicles. Players can then send their Leviathans into PvE battles where they will be controlled by AI. When a Leviathan wins a battle, it's creator reaps the rewards.

Gaijin and Targem have plenty of content planned, including VR support, to fully immerse players in the construction process. If you'd like to find out more about Crossout's closed beta, you can visit the official website.


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